Sunday, May 16, 2010


Gaze upon the bleak color of wine.
Whispering I tear a piece,
soft from the larger body.
Like Jonah, I thrust bread into
dark seas,
God's mercies.
Haunts of His voice chill,
soul still.
Grape and crust
thrust into mouth,
promises swallowed, believed.
Received, tart treasure,
forgiveness, praying to
survive the storm.


  1. Vivid. Very vivid. It makes me think of someone trapped in shadows returning to the light before they face the "storms" of life, but God's arms wrapped tightly around them. :)

    It also makes me think of simplicity - mainly the simplicity relating to God and how it takes so little to let Him in our lives, but what a big thing He really is.

  2. Promises swallowed, believed. I am blessed you were there. Beautiful words depicting yesterday night.:)

  3. There are a lot of good sounds going on in this poem. I especially like:

    His voice chill,
    soul still.
    Grape and crust